About Us


Brief Overview / Company History

Australian Safety Wholesalers together with our import company, Australian Supreme Import, are specialists in the importing and wholesaling of Safety Eyewear, Head Protection, Hearing Protection, Gloves, Warning Lights and other key safety products.

Our importing and wholesaling business commenced in January 1980 as Australian Supreme Import which continues today. We have continued to focus on our key strengths which is importing and wholesaling to retailers and wholesalers throughout Australia and New Zealand.

A consistent product we have imported since our beginnings is eyewear. Starting off with fashion sunglasses, we progressed into magnifying/reading glasses.

Since obtaining AS/NZS1337 certification in 1999, we have developed our range of safety glasses, goggles and face-shields. In the early days, the designs of safety eyewear were traditional safety styles. From these beginnings, we have since revolutionised the Australian safety eyewear market with fashion safety eyewear. Our early experience in fashion sunglasses has helped us achieve this great milestone.

Recent Yearly Highlights

In 2006, we officially launched the On Site Safety brand to showcase the latest in styles and designs of safety eyewear to the Australian market. In the same year we also introduced the SGA (Safety Glasses Australia) brand with its main focus on the industrial styled safety glasses. We continue to launch new eyewear designs and now carry 4 design patents.

In 2007, we developed a range of Hearing Protection where we now challenge the major players with a comprehensive range in Hearing Protection. We also launched the ever popular Dodge Bump caps as an alternative to sports hats and also for work environments where wearing of hard hats is not practical.

In 2008, we have developed a Type 1 Industrial Helmet – Hammerhead.

In 2008, we launch the Bandit III range which features technical, state of the art and chic safety eyewear.

In 2009, we released the Type 2 High Temperature Helmet – Hammerhead.

In 2010, we developed a range of warning lights including LED light bars, rotating beacons and xenon strobe lights. This included extensive research and development in the Torrent Intrinsic safe torch with Class 1 and Class 2 accreditation.

In 2011, we released the Interlock Clips. This followed in 2012 with the Australian designed (patent pending) Interlock Belt Clip.

In 2012, we launched our second Type 1 Industrial Helmet - Slider, with a click slider to change the same hard hat from vented to non-vented, thereby reducing holding costs to our clients. We also brought our 4 colour pad printing machine so that we can provide in-house pad printing services for helmets. Pad printing can now be printing within 4 hours.

In 2013, we embarked on development of our range of First Aid Kits. This ever complex medical area is now a core part of our product solutions.

In 2013, we change our company to better reflect our products and industry to Australian Safety Wholesalers.

In 2014, we released our half masks with both A1 and ABEK1 rated masks with Australian Standards certifications. We also added Pink Safety Products to our range, allowing clients to order hard hats, safety vests, glove clips, sunglass cords and earmuffs in pink colour. We also designed in consultation with customers, an anti-vibration glove with ISO approvals as an anti-vibration glove.

In 2015, our company successfully purchased and integrated an Australian woman owned business “Safe Mate” including patents and design registrations. This product revolutionises the way we wear hard hats as it prevents the helmet from sliding off your head.

In 2017, we launched our own Stingray wide brim hard hat. Our design allows wearers to use a cap lamp without having to buy any other lamp holder. We carry an Australian design patent for this hard hat.

In 2018, we developed our wide brim bump hat and have a design patent on this model.

In 2019, we developed our fit over hat, and protect this with a design patent on our design. We also introduced a semi-fingerless everyday glove. This unique design allows wearers to have maximum dexterity without having to take gloves off.

In 2020, our import company, Australian Supreme Import were recognised as an Australian Trusted Trader with Australian Border Force.

In 2020, we also certified a factory for AS/NZS1716 to manufacture P2 disposable masks. Additionally, we applied for another factory to be TGA registered to manufacture Class 1 Medical Device to AS/NZS4381-2015 Level 2, 3 ply facemasks.

Capability Statement

We are focused on delivering quality products by working closing with local and international supply partners.

Our can-do approach ensures you can rely on a supply partner that sources, test and accredits products to relevant standards.

Leverage from our staff technical experiences together with our importing network to ensure you don’t have to worry about the stress of doing it yourself.

Market Categories

Australian Safety Wholesalers is a specialist wholesaler of safety products. The core products include:

  Hard hats
  Safety Glasses
  Glove Clips
  Safe-Mate helmet grips
  Warning Lights
  Torches and traffic batons
  Ear Muffs
  Ear Plugs
  First Aid Kits
  Wireless Cap Lamps
  Safety Vests
  Bump Caps
  Positive Seal Eyewear
  Faceshields and Visors
  Disposable Clothing
  Dental Consumables
  Welding Helmets
  Bifocal safety glasses
  Prescription Safety Glasses Service

Future Focus

We have been in eyewear protection for over 30 years and continue to be a challenger to the industry with fashion styles, technical eyewear including positive seal safety glasses, and continuing to ensure competitive prices are available to all clients with an economical range of eyewear.

We establish long term relationships with our suppliers and factories we import from. These relationships ensure we can source the right products. Suppliers must adhere with our Ethical Sourcing principles and values. This ensures we forge strong working partnerships with each of our suppliers.

Our staff are there to work with you as our customers. We are all here to provide as much value technical support as you need as well as to ensure you are kept up to date with the latest product developments.

As a family owned and operated businesses in Australia, we pride ourselves with good customer service, prompt resolution of issues, minimising back orders, and striving for continuous improvements in our company. We manage our own warehouse, and stock levels are reflective of our customer demands.

With a national presence, our focus for the future is to continue to source new and innovative safety products. We continue to exhibit at trade shows to listen to the individual end users who use safety products and listen to those that manage safety in their workforce. By listening and understanding, we gain a better understanding of their day-to-day work issues that could be resolved with a safety product.

To ensure continued success, we are looking to work with you to ensure that we continue to challenge the competition. With your support, we can re-invest our working capital toward new products and continue to increase local employment.