Brow Guard and 2.0mm Face Shield Kit

Brow Guard and 2.0mm Face Shield Kit

Face Shield with Chin Wrap - Welding Shade 5 (2.0mm)

Lens: Welding Shade 5
Lens thickness: 2.0mm
Suitable brow guards: OSS1, OSS1P
Suitable visor holder: HMVH


A modern V shape face shield that wraps around the face and past your chin. Australian design patent registered.
Registered Design 352925.

More Information
Lens Tint IR5
Lens Type Welding
Welding Shade Shade 5
Lens Thickness 2.0 mm
Lens Material Polycarbonate
Eyewear Rating Extra High Impact
Certifications List AS/NZS 1337.1
Standards Block standards-face-shield
Inner Quantity 10
Outer 50
Unit of Measure Each